Staatsburgh State Historic Site: The Hudson Valley’s hidden gem

Just 10 miles up Route 9 from Marist, Staatsburgh State Historic Site rests peacefully on the Hudson River, secluded from much of the surrounding area of Staatsburg, NY. Getting to the mansion takes you up a winding road, with colorful trees overlooking the path and leaves scattered about, ready for footsteps to crunch them.

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Behind the scenes of Remedy

On Thursday, Nov. 12, Marist College welcomed visiting artist Paul Sattler, currently an Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director at Skidmore College, and his works to Steel Plant Studios. The kick-off to this exhibition, titled Remedy: About a Decade of Painting, featuring many of Sattler’s stunning pieces, was an absolute success. 

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Marist Poll thrives on democracy

Since 1978, the Marist Institute for Public Opinion has been a fixture on the Marist College campus. Started by Dr. Lee Miringoff as a way to teach his political science class about voting behavior, it has evolved into a national opinion poll, covering an array of issues ranging from politics to sports to technology and beyond. Known as the Marist Poll around campus, the organization works year-round, employing students as their survey research interviewers.

The Marist Poll strives to maintain their integrity and prevent any kind of bias. Interviewers must always stick to their script and maintain composure when it comes to dealing with difficult interviewees. This ensures that all of the collected data is as accurate as possible, in order to preserve the reputation of the Marist Poll with the general public and the media. When it came time for the first two GOP debates, the Marist Poll’s integrity was put to the test. MIPO decided to conduct their surveys without asking the head-to-head questions that would have been used in determining debate eligibility.

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Habitat for Humanity: A growing service presence on campus

Marist’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity has grown in numerous ways since its inception in 2007. This year, the organization has seen nearly 300 different members attend meetings throughout the past two semesters. The chapter is run by a faculty advisor and six officers, who are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/Newburgh Liaison, Committee Chair/Dutchess Liaison, and Public Relations Chair. Each position entails specific responsibilities in order to ensure that the chapter is running smoothly.

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