Behind the scenes of Remedy

On Thursday, Nov. 12, Marist College welcomed visiting artist Paul Sattler, currently an Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director at Skidmore College, and his works to Steel Plant Studios. The kick-off to this exhibition, titled Remedy: About a Decade of Painting, featuring many of Sattler’s stunning pieces, was an absolute success. 

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Five shows that need a reunion episode

After it was announced that Gilmore Girls is going to be revived for a limited series, I started wondering about other shows that I have watched and loved over the years that I would love to see back on the air. Here is a list of the top five shows that need a reunion:

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Jon Stewart leaves a memorable effect on primetime news

The news of Jon Stewart leaving “The Daily Show” has caused a wide array of emotions for both viewers and media outlets around the country. Fox News, particularly Megyn Kelly, seem pleased at the announcement, knowing that it probably means they will no longer be frequent targets of the satire host. Fans of the show, on the other hand, are shocked and have taken to social media to question where they will get their nightly dose of satire news.

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