Marist’s Society of Professional Journalists meets with news organizations

On November 21, Marist’s Society of Professional Journalists took a trip to New York City to visit three news organizations: Democracy Now, The Wall Street Journal, and New York Daily News. The trip provided the students the opportunity to meet with journalists and learn more about the field of journalism and the media for their future careers.

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Stanton’s contract is not worth the risks

On November 21, the Miami Marlins finalized a 13 year, $325 million contract with slugger Giancarlo Stanton, making it the largest contract in North American sports history. Stanton is seen as the face of the Marlins franchise but such a long and expensive contract is still not worth it, despite all he brings to the table. Look at Alex Rodriguez back in 2007. The Yankees signed him to a 10 year, $275 million contract and look where that brought him. A steroid scandal emerged and A-Rod’s health began deteriorating, leading to surgeries and a noticeable decline in his offensive performance. Now, this is not to accuse Stanton of taking performance-enhancement drugs but it does raise the issue of whether or not a player like him can stay healthy for the next 13 years, healthy enough so that the Marlins get what they are paying for. The thing about Stanton is that he has been relatively consistent since he started. If he can stay that way or even improve upon his performance, then it might be valid to say that he deserves big money.

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Women’s volleyball falls short in MAAC finals

Marist (25-6, 15-3 MAAC) reached the MAAC Finals, defeating Iona and Fairfield in consecutive days before ending their season with a loss to second-seed Siena College (19-14, 14-4 MAAC) in a thrilling five-set match. According to sophomore Lexi Millington, the tournament was something that the Red Foxes had been ready for all season. “We used the entire season preparing for the tournament. Each time we played a team during the regular season was a new chance to figure out their strategies and learn how we could beat them,” she said. “Our expectations were very high with respects to winning, but we focused on getting better as a team.”

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